"Muscari" as brand has been conceived by Abhishek Pahwa and Pallavi Pahwa.


Abhishek Pahwa has had vast and rich experience in corporate and media sectors. He has worked for top  media houses and MNC’s.


Abhishek had strong intent since joining his first service to be a budding entrepreneur.


Pallavi Pahwa wife of Abhishek has rich experience in fashion designing.


Muscari would get creative touch of Pallavi which would lead to rich product development for the millenniums and the upper class.


Abhishek is an achiever and strives to create Muscari a powerful brand in the next few years with a high recall amongst its clients/ customers across the globe. Muscari has primary focus in apparel sector and intends to specialize in export across the globe.  


 Muscari has been conceptualized to create a brand which provides very high quality products to the customers. With the help of some foreign partners as well, they have already set their footprints in US. Vision is to create Muscari, a preferred exporter from India when the client wants quality. We are also providing platform for new designers with creative edge to work for us on Royalty.